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  1. Sadly this is in Israel now. But soon we muslims will get it back, because we muslims believe that the prophecy made in Quran and hadiths will come to pass. ALlah SWT says clearly that youm-ul-qiyamah will not come until all the Jews have been killed or destroyed or converted to Islam by the Muslim ummah. When that happens of course Israel as a nation will cease to exist and it will become one of the most powerful nations in the world- free and independent Islamic Republic of Palestine. Insha Allah.

    For this to happen we muslims must stay united instead of always fight with each other over silly things and we must keep praying and be steadfast on prayer to ALlah and we must keep our fast during holy month of Ramadan.

    Let us muslim ummah rekindle the spirit of jihad fi sabillillah in our hearts, minds and our souls. Ameen ameen thumma ameen!

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