Israeli Forces Block Main Entrance Of Abud Near Ramallah

The Zionist Occupational Forces have yet again exceeded themselves in their perpetual barbaric practices against the Palestinians.

Israeli forces block main entrance of Abud near Ramallah
Israeli forces block main entrance of Abud near Ramallah

Israeli forces blocked the entrance of Abud village northwest of Ramallah with a large cement block on Friday in order to prevent residents from coming in or out of the village, locals said.

The move came after a Molotov cocktail was thrown at a vehicle belonging to an Israeli settler late Thursday while it was passing the main road near the village. No injuries were reported in the incident.

As a result of the closure, villagers were forced to take other ways through near villages to get in or out of the area.

Locals said that shutting the main entrance of the village was a form of “collective punishment” for the approximately four thousand villagers in Abud.

Abud is located directly beside the Israeli settlements of Ofarim and Bet Arye, which have been built on land confiscated from the village.


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