The choice of non-violence: Our strategy for Palestine

Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi Sixty years after the Naqba, the catastrophe, Palestinians are still without a state. They are living under occupation, many are in refugee camps, others are scattered around the world, and a part of the Palestinian people are no more than second class citizens in Israel itself. The Palestinian struggle to achieve freedom […]

Jewish author lectures, defends Palestine

Not all Jews are Zionists and this report is certainly a prime example of what we are talking about. The granddaughter of Holocaust survivors and a former West Bank resident spoke against Israel’s occupation of Palestine Tuesday night. Hosted by Athens for Justice in Palestine, Anna Baltzer’s lecture was one of many in her book […]

Ilan Pappe, “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine”

Jim Miles Ilan Pappe’s work The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine places him in the forefront of the recent burst of excellent information that critically examines and condemns the Jewish-Zionist actions to eliminate not only the people of Palestine but also to eliminate their history culturally and geographically. Following on his previous well researched and readily […]